Feedback as a Service

Feedback as a Service

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!


My favorite SEO Chrome extension

Yes, this is sponsored but I genuinely love Glen Allsopp's (aka @viperchill) Detailed SEO Chrome extension. It's my go-to tool for checking on-page SEO for my sites and our customer's sites. Just this week, I used it to:

  • find a Schema error on a client site
  • inspect some H2s that actually ended up being H1s
  • discover some messy internal links

I really can't recommend this tool enough. It's used by 7,000+ people working in SEO and totally free. Click here to read more about it and add to Chrome.

1. Feedback as a Service

We (Animalz) just launched a new package we're calling Feedback as a Service. It's designed for companies with an in-house content team who wants guidance, coaching and oversight:

  • We help you create or refine your content strategy
  • We review your editorial calendar
  • We edit the articles your team writes

If you want to learn more or chat with us, check out the landing page.

2. The Art of ‘Something From Nothing’

I've mentioned Rich Barton in this newsletter before (see here and here) and found this article to be really refreshing. He founded Expedia, Glassdoor and Zillow on the same principle: provide transparency to previously opaque industries.

In conversation, he blends business buzzwords like “transparency” and “opacity” with the language of liberation movements, using the slogan “power to the people” to describe the philosophy behind many of his businesses.

3. Cloudflare's DNS Content Hub - Part 1: SEO (8.0K keywords)

If you love a really deep dive on SEO, you're gonna love this post from Scott Mathson. He analyzes the success of content hub that Cloudflare created. It's really interesting for anyone wanting to learn about how to dominate a cluster of important search queries.

4. Tweet of the Week

Have a great weekend!


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