What marketers don't understand about sales

What marketers don't understand about sales

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!



My favorite SEO Chrome extension

Yes, this is sponsored but I genuinely love Glen Allsopp's (aka @viperchill) Detailed SEO Chrome extension. It's my go-to tool for checking on-page SEO for my sites and our customer's sites. Just recently, I used it to:

  • find a Schema error on a client site
  • inspect some H2s that actually ended up being H1s
  • discover some messy internal links

I really can't recommend this tool enough. It's used by 7,000+ people working in SEO and totally free. Click here to read more about it and add to Chrome.


1. Marketing Exists to Make Sales Easier

I would never have believed this if I hadn’t spent the last two years selling. Now I know it to be true.

Being a math type, I love deriving things from first principles and this seemed the perfect first principle from which to derive marketing.  First, you hire a team to build your product.  Then, you hire a team to sell it.  The only reason you need marketing is to help the second team do its job better.

Thanks to my coworker Ryan for surfacing this one.

2. Will You Choose Alive Time Or Dead Time?

I love this one:

Life is constantly asking us, Is this going to be alive time or dead time?
A long commute. Are we going to zone out or listen to an audiobook?
A delayed flight. Are we going to get in a couple of miles by walking around the terminal or shove a Cinnabon into our face?
A tour of duty or a contract we have to earn out. Is this tying us down or freeing us up?

3. Tweet of the Week #1

4. Tweet of the Week #2

So many great reads:

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