Why software makes us way less productive

Why software makes us way less productive

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Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

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1.  On the Law of Diminishing Specialization

This is kind of fascinating: software has turned us all into secretaries.

He identified several factors that explain this observation, but a major culprit was the rise of “productivity-enhancing” computer systems. This new technology made it possible for managers and professionals to tackle administrative tasks that used to require dedicated support staff.
The positive impact of this change was that companies needed less support staff. The negative impact was that it reduced the ability of managers and professionals to spend concentrated time working on the things they did best.

2. The Next 20-Year Cycle in Business Software

This is worth reading.

As a result, multi-billion dollar outcomes can now be built in categories where there is no obvious executive level buyer. Who is the executive in charge of “collaboration”, “communication”, or “productivity”? There isn’t one! But companies such as Slack, Airtable, and Wrike have built $100M+ ARR companies through bottom-up adoption by individual workers and teams willing to swipe a credit card to improve their quality of life.

3. Indie Hackers founder Courtland Allen on building profitable businesses & entrepreneurship in the US

Two things to like here:

  1. Courtland Allen built Indie Hackers, which is a really cool community. The site was acquired by Stripe.
  2. Li Jin and Nathan Baschez are building Means of Creation, a weekly show about the "passion economy."

4. Tweet of the Week

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