Why brainstorming ideas is useless

Why brainstorming ideas is useless

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

1. How to Use Templated Content and Cross-Cutting to Grow Your Blog Quickly

Teardowns, list posts, case studies, experiments—some of the best blog content originates from handy, well-worn templates.

Templated content can be one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow traffic to a blog. Paired with cross-cutting—a technique to expand on patterns you find—you can build a comprehensive and interesting blog in a few months.


2. Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

I loved this article from Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s inspiring.

I was basically alone. I didn’t have a team, nor an office. And San Francisco was full of startups raising gobs more money, building amazing teams, and shipping great products. Some of my friends became billionaires. Meanwhile, I had to run a “measly” lifestyle business. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I had to keep the ship from sinking.

3. How Jeff Bezos Turned Narrative into Amazon's Competitive Advantage

Here’s a great post from my coworker Ben Bashaw. Great writing really is a competitive advantage, and Ben explains exactly why.

At Amazon, instead of asking his senior leaders to brainstorm great ideas for the company, Bezos asks them to submit six-page, dense, narratively structured memos.
Writing memos forces his team to think through their ideas in high-resolution detail. Instead of wasting time with impromptu brainstorming sessions, writing memos ensures that group discussion is based on the critical review of the relevant ideas, not on hypotheticals.

4. Chrome Extension of the Week: Toby

I found this is the excellent Product Hunt newsletter. It’s one of the first browser extensions that made my life easier with no effort at all.


Have a great weekend!


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