Is that luck or talent? Are you sure?

Is that luck or talent? Are you sure?

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!


My favorite SEO Chrome extension

Yes, this is sponsored but I genuinely love Glen Allsopp's (aka @viperchill) Detailed SEO Chrome extension. It's my go-to tool for checking on-page SEO for my sites and our customer's sites. Here are a few nifty things it can do:

  • Highlight no-follow links on any page
  • Check for structured data errors
  • Look for plagiarism
  • Get quick links to robots.txt and sitemap.xml

I really can't recommend this tool enough. It's used by 7,000+ people working in SEO and totally free. Click here to read more about it and add to Chrome.

1. Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

A great one from Derek Sivers:

  • AWFUL IDEA= -1
  • GOOD IDEA= 10
  • GREAT IDEA= 15


  • SO-SO EXECUTION= $10,000
  • GOOD EXECUTION= $100,000
  • GREAT EXECUTION= $1,000,000
  • BRILLIANT EXECUTION= $10,000,000

To make a business, you need to multiply the two.

2. Third Base: On the dangers of conflating luck with talent

Is that luck or talent? Are you sure?

Conflating luck and talent is dangerous. As I get older, I’m struck by how big a part luck played in my life, and how much I mistook it for skill, well into my forties. The Pareto principle shows that even if competence is evenly distributed, 80% of effects stem from 20% of the causes.

3. Yoga With Adriene: How the YouTube Star Won Lockdown

I've been doing these videos without realizing what a dig deal Adriene is. This is a cool story and her yoga videos really are great.

The YouTube channel wasn’t an overnight hit. It took about two years of posting a new video each week to reach 200,000 subscribers (she has more than 7 million today), and that was the point at which it started to become commercially successful. Mishler’s videos aren’t heavily branded, but the website Social Blade, which tracks growth on YouTube, estimates that the channel could make as much as $188,500 per month on advertising revenue alone.

4. Tweet of the Week


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