Swipe File #16: We all need more practice

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Happy Sweet 16! Hope you enjoy this week's articles. If you're feeling inspired, pass it on.

You don’t need more advice, you need more practice via @hnshah

A great post from Hiten Shah on getting shit done.

What I’ve noticed is that the people who are able to progress and grow the fastest are the ones who take the advice of others (when they need it) and get right to doing something about their situation. They don’t linger around trying to get too much advice or constantly validate their own thinking, they do something. They focus on what action they can take next.

What The Brand Babblers Don't Understand via @AdContrarian

I've only recently discovered Bob Hoffman's blog, which is loaded with gems like this one. Ad Contrarian is one you'll likely want to follow regularly.

The average consumer has other things on her mind. Like why she gained 2 pounds last week, and why her father is looking pale, and why the fucking computer keeps losing its WiFi signal, and why Timmy's teacher wants to see her next week, and what's that bump she noticed on her arm?

The point is this: our brands are very important to us marketers and very unimportant to most consumers. Please read that again.

Amy didn’t show up to do this interview via @AndrewWarner

A few things on this interview between Mixergy's Andrew Warner and AHeirloom's Bill Mowat:

  • Andrew is a damn good interviewer.
  • This is how you stay true to your audience.
  • Take interviews and press seriously.

Tune in around 26 minutes to see why I'm making such a big deal about this.

Low Effort, Big Return Marketing: Quick Wins for SEO via @richardbaxter

It's really hard to find good advice on SEO. The BuiltVisible blog shines because of posts like this one.

In fact, I suspect it’s unwise to rely on checklists when you’re churning through an SEO audit. The wonderful power of proper experience means that with practice, you just know where to look and what kinds of things to check for. All without a predetermined check list of items to evaluate.

50 Must-Read Marketing Blogs via @jimmy_daly

This is a list I put together myself. You'll recognize many of these blogs from this very newsletter. Hope you discover something new.

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