I wrote an ebook

I wrote an ebook

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

I'm helping MadKudu hire a product/content marketing manager

MadKudu is looking for a hybrid product/content marketing manager. This is a really cool role because you'll get to work closely with the product and sales team, but also manage your own editorial calendar.

Learn all about the role here

1. 10 Advanced Content Marketing Concepts

I just published an ebook that distills 10 years of experience into an hour of reading or listening. There are 10 chapters, each discussing a different concept. I also recorded an audio version.

I am charging for this, which marks a first in my career. My thinking is that if it's not worth paying for, then it's not worth paying for. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy it.

2. How we built a $1m ARR SaaS startup

This is a great post from Canny. I'm really happy for Sarah and Andrew, and thrilled that they are so transparent about their journey.

3. How to Climb the Mountain of Data-Driven Content

This is a fantastic article from my friends and former coworkers over at Animalz. It includes some really useful examples too.

4. Tweet of the Week

Have a great weekend!


PS - Want to brush up on your content marketing skillz? Check out my course 5 Days to Better Content Marketing. Join 400+ people that have taken and enjoyed it.

PPS - I started a Slack community for content marketers. It's free and there are 1,100+ wonderful people sharing, learning and looking out for each other. Learn more here.

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