How Domino’s Outperformed Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

How Domino’s Outperformed Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

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Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading and pondering lately. Enjoy!

1. How Domino’s Pizza Drove a 90x Increase in Stock Value by Acting Like a Tech Startup

This article is so interesting. Dominos is killing it. Apparently they even offer wedding registries.


2. Google’s New Strategy and How It Affects Aggregators

Fascinating post from Casey Winters about the future of SEO. I also put together this follow-up for B2B companies.

While updating the algorithms for these rule changes, Google is figuring out how to be the aggregator in many categories now, and over the next ten years will go down the list of every top searched category and figure out exactly how to do that. To do this, Google will either build, buy, or partner with existing players. Let’s take a look at some of these examples.

3. The Banker Who Would Be Scrooge

As I was doing some research for an article, I came across this 1989 profile of former Wells Fargo CEO Carl Reichart. He sounds like quite the character and I really enjoyed reading this.

An officer of the bank wanted draperies for his windows. Reichardt called him in for a talk, and spent the whole time wiggling in his chair, pulling stuffing from a hole in the upholstery. The officer got the message.

4. What Does It Take to Be CFO of a Unicorn Company?

Most are men from Ivy League schools even though “companies with a more gender diversity outperform less diverse companies by 15%.” Lots of interesting data in this piece.


Have a great weekend!


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