Fundamental Content Marketing Concepts

Fundamental Content Marketing Concepts

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. One quick announcement. Animalz, the content agency I work for, is launching a scholarship for college students. Get the details here—and please help us spread the word!

Here are a few things I've been reading and pondering lately. Enjoy!

1.Core Content Marketing Concepts

There are a handful of core concepts that we address on the Animalz blog over and over again. There’s good reason for this. Content marketingstrategy isn’t rocket science, but it does require thoughtful preparation and great execution. I simply cannot reiterate these foundational concepts often enough.

2. Happiness & the Gorilla

Professor Scott Galloway on the algebra behind a happy life. This is a great post.


3. What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says

It's been far too long since I've included a James Clear article in this newsletter. This one showed up in by inbox this week and it's too good not to share.

Everybody I know who does interesting, creative work they went through years where they had really good taste and they could tell that what they were making wasn't as good as they wanted it to be. They knew it fell short. Everybody goes through that.

4. How Wharton Launched Warby Parker--and Dozens of Other Companies Just Like It

This is a long read, but a fascinating one. I came away wondering if the direct-to-consumer trend is actually any better for consumers.

One after another, many DTC startups have come to a reali­zation: If [customer acquisition cost] is the new rent, then why not pay actual rent? SoHo in Manhattan has become a physical manifestation of this. Within a one-mile radius, you can walk into stores belonging to a dozen DTC brands--Away luggage, Allbirds sneakers, M.Gemi shoes, Untuckit shirts, Everlane fashion, Indochino menswear, Outdoor Voices active­wear, Bonobos men's clothing, and, of course, Warby Parker.

Every one of these stores is another alternative to the Facebook and Google hamster wheel. There's a good reason that hanging out a shingle was the original customer-acquisition strategy, after all: It works.

5. Random Links

Have a great weekend!


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