Good ideas are sporadic

Good ideas are sporadic

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

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1. Use These 8 Content Creation Lanes to Flesh Out Your Strategy

Here are a few ways to create content that helps you grow traffic as part of larger, comprehensive strategy. Don’t just pick a lane because it seems like the content would be fun to work on—choose the lane(s) that are closest to your product and core audience.

🔬 Teardowns
✂️ Cross-Cutting
📚 Template Library
📝 Meta Content
💻 Use-Case Content
💡 Thought Leadership
🔗 Hub and Spoke
📊 Data

2. Good Ideas Can’t Be Scheduled

Another gem of a post from Morgan Housel.

Good ideas are sporadic. They can’t be scheduled. That’s true whether we’re talking about good investing ideas or good marketing ideas or good product ideas. Remembering that you care about your deadline but the rest of the world doesn’t even know about it is an important part of setting expectations.

3. Naval Ravikant on the Joe Rogan Podcast

One of my favorite podcast episodes ever. Naval is a fascinating guy.

4. Tweet of the Week

H/t @thinking_slow for pointing this out. Very interesting.

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