18 Random Links

18 Random Links

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Every now and then, I end up with a backlog of links I want to share. This is one of those newsletters.

  1. In 1989, the Wells Fargo CEO Dispensed Some Timeless Content Marketing Advice: “Tenacity, not brilliance”
  2. Marijana Kostelac had me on her podcast to chat content marketing.
  3. Dang, ProsperWorks:185 Business Applications for Your Relationship Stack
  4. I asked Twitter for book recommendations and Twitter delivered.
  5. The TripAdvisor for employment cashes in: Job hunting service Glassdoor sold to Japan’s Recruit for $1.2 billion
  6. Fascinating: The Weird Science Behind Chain Restaurant Menus
  7. Software + services is often a powerful combo: Introducing Sixteen by Foursquare
  8. Hmm, ok. ‘Does MapQuest still exist?’ Yes, it does, and it’s a profitable business.
  9. 🤢 Instagram Is Turning Into Facebook, and That’s Bad
  10. The Website Obesity Crisis
  11. Great career advice whether you aspire to VC or not: How do you get a job in VC?
  12. I recommend Alfred Lua’s newsletter.
  13. Via @smalter: Lebron James walks 78.7% of the time he’s on the floor.
  14. This tweet is so funny.
  15. Interesting: The Tyranny of Convenience
  16. Jevons Paradox: When supply increases demand, which increases supply, which increases demand, etc.
  17. Just being near a smartphone is bad for you.
  18. Reminder: We’re starting a scholarship.

Have a great weekend!


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