Can you build a great career in content marketing?

Can you build a great career in content marketing?

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Hope you're having a great week. I’m a little short on time this week, hence the condensed issue. Enjoy!

1. BLUF: The Military Standard That Can Make Your Writing More Powerful

Here’s our latest on the Animalz blog. BLUF is a military communications acronym—it stands for “bottom line up front”—that’s designed to enforce speed and clarity in reports and emails.

The basic idea is simple: put the most important details first. Don’t tease or delay your main point because people are busy and their time is valuable.

2. What I wish I knew five years ago about building a career in “content”

This is a great article from my friend Sean Blanda on how to build a great career in content.

When you think of yourself as someone who “writes content” you are allowing the very people who want to put downward pressure on your wages commoditize what you do. This isn’t only bad for you, it’s bad for them (they just don’t know it).

3. On 9/11, Luck Meant Everything

This obviously has nothing to do with Swipe File’s normal marketing/writing/business themes but it was too powerful not to share. I got goosebumps reading this one.

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