Animalz launched a free tool

Animalz launched a free tool

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Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!


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Ahrefs Tip 1 of 4

Here’s the first in a series of quick Ahrefs tutorials. This is a tool I use on a daily basis—I consider it a necessity for content and SEO folks. Here’s this week’s tutorial: how to earn more traffic to your existing content.

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1. Animalz Launched a Free Tool to Find Content Decay

Earlier this week, we launched a tool called Revive. It’s a free tool that plugs into your Google Analytics and finds content decay.

Why should you care about content decay? Most sites we look at are losing a lot of traffic to the slow, gradual decline of organic traffic. It’s replaced by traffic to new content, but that means you’re always working two steps forward, one step back.

Revive will tell exactly which posts are decaying so that you can refresh them and earn that traffic back. You can try it out here.

2. 50 Big Companies that Started with Little or No Money

I’m a sucker for posts like this and always draw little inspiration from them.

3. Here are few cool job openings:

4. Tweet of the Week


5. Random Links

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PS - I finally relaunched my content marketing course, 5 Days to Better Content Marketing. Join 300+ people that have taken and enjoyed it.

PPS - I’m looking to partner with a few great businesses to sponsor this newsletter. It reaches a bunch of smart folks from places like Google, Apple, Spotify, New York Times, Marriott and Harvard. Shoot me an email if you're interested in working together.

PPPS - I'm now an official Ghost partner. I've been using Ghost to run my blog for years and I absolutely love it. If you signup for Ghost with my link I do get a commission, but you get an incredibly powerful and simple way to manage your website. Markdown ftw!

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