What's the difference between professionals and amateurs?

What's the difference between professionals and amateurs?

More than anything else, it's mindset. Here's what happens when you "go pro," according to author Jeff Goins:

1. You will take the work more seriously. If you want to be a writer, start calling yourself a writer. It will force you to write. But even more than that, it will require you to think like a writer when you actually put pen to paper or lay fingers to keyboard.

2. Your confidence will grow. You will also learn that the most powerful affirmation is internal. Most of us get praise from friends and family that we don’t accept. But once we start believing something ourselves, confidence tends to skyrocket.

3. Others will treat you differently. As you begin taking your work more seriously, you tend to do better work. And as your confidence grows and you begin acting more like a pro, the world will have no choice but to start treating you like one.

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