The Price You Pay for Creativity

The Price You Pay for Creativity

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!


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1. Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage

The best thing I can recommend this week is a book, not an article. I just finished up Endurance and couldn’t put it down. I actually binged so hard that I strained a muscle in my neck and couldn’t turn my head to the right for two days. I’m getting old (but it was worth it).

This is not an affiliate link.

2. Jerry Seinfeld Says Jokes Are Not Real Life

This is a quick but interesting read. This line caught my eye.

When you’re flipping channels and you come across a “Seinfeld” rerun, do you flip right past it or do you linger? Right past it. I think there’s a level of focus you need to get something to a certain point creatively, and you pay a price for that, which is you can’t ever look at it again.

3. Breaking Open the Theranos Scandal

The “Masters in Business” podcast with Barry Ritholtz is really, really good. This episode is a must-listen. Barry’s daily newsletter is also a good read.


4. Tweetstorm of the Week

Have a great weekend!


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