Swipe File #23: Let's get weird

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Hope you're having a great week. Enjoy this week's articles and if you're feeling inspired, pass it on.

From Dot-Com Zero to Hero: One Man’s Story via @tferriss

This is Tim Ferriss' podcast interview with reddit co-founder and current Y Combinator advisor Alexis Ohanian. Alexis shares tons of great information and stories from his journey as a entrepreneur.

“Yes, I’d like to upgrade my dad’s season tickets. Oh, front row, fifty-yard line, please–the best you have.”

— Alexis Ohanian, approximately three minutes after he sold reddit

How to Start a Startup via @sama

In the fall of 2014, a bunch of smart entrepreneurs and investors from Y Combinator taught a business class at Stanford, then made it available to the public for free. This is that class (which I was unaware of until listening to the interview above).

Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule via @paulg

Creative types understand the challenges of the "Manager's Schedule" — constant meetings and interruptions. Creatives, especially writers and programmers, need large chunks of uninterrupted time to get anything done. Here's some insight on making that happen from Paul Graham.

Most powerful people are on the manager's schedule. It's the schedule of command. But there's another way of using time that's common among people who make things, like programmers and writers. They generally prefer to use time in units of half a day at least. You can't write or program well in units of an hour. That's barely enough time to get started.

The Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird via @JamesVictore

Good news: You don't ever actually have to grow up.

Owning up to your weirdness isn’t about making it big and deciding who will play you in your life story. It’s about the courage to be who you were born to be. You don’t quit the band or stop writing poetry just because you have kids. Your weirdness is the source of your character and creative powers. Weird is who we are, the best parts, not perfect, not trying—just yourself.

We make, run and grow Vero. Ask us anything! via @Inboundorg

Quick plug — Chris Hexton (Vero CEO) and I are doing an AMA on Inbound.org today. Ask questions and see our answers here.

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