Swipe File #22: Hone your intuition

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Sentiment and Intuition via @jimmy_daly

This is a post I recently wrote about measuring the way people feel about what you write.

The primary reason to measure sentiment is to hone your intuition, an unconscious reservoir of the most important data you have access to. While intuition is largely unmeasurable, it's often the edge that separates good content marketers from great ones. Intuition is sharpened by experience, meaning anyone can improve.

Leaving Your Desk Behind via @GregoryCiotti

We are knowledge workers, meaning we must think clearly in order to create value. Greg Ciotti offers some great tips on getting away from your desk to do better work.

Stepping away lets you expand on what you’ve already worked on and removes you from work so you can think clearly.

It’s time to quit your desk and do your best thinking somewhere else.

Overachiever Culture via @nickfrancis

Help Scout co-founder Nick Francis has some interesting thoughts on forcing constraints, like an eight-hour workday, to promote productivity and creativity.

Forced constraints can help you develop great habits, too. By working no more than 8 hours a day, you'll be more productive than if you had worked a 12 or 16-hour day. In most cases, more isn't better even though cultural norms lead you to believe the contrary.

17 little stories where delighting customers = great marketing via /r/marketing

These are inspiring stories about going above and beyond. A great post from a great subreddit.

12) Taco Bell Airlifts A Truck With 10,000 Tacos To A Remote Alaskan Town

An Alaskan town was disappointed when they learnt news of them getting a Taco Bell restaurant was a hoax. Taco Bell remedied the situation by airlifting a Taco Bell truck filled with 10,000 Tacos into town.

Tip of the week

Found this on /r/LifeProTips and it's a great one for writers who are forced to work with Microsoft Word documents.

LPT: a Word file, is a zip in disguise.

Just rename your file from .docx to .zip and unzip. You will get a folder of all stuff inside the doc, like all the images and some crazy xml content.

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