Swipe File 2.0

I heard from many of you last week after I announced the end of Swipe File. Enough, in fact, that I've changed my mind. Thanks for all your kind words and support. :)

But Swipe File is going to be a little different now. Instead of a weekly newsletter with five stories, I'm going to send a daily email with one story. I hope this provides a little boost each morning.

If you prefer not to receive Swipe File in its new form, just use the unsubscribe link below. No hard feelings.

Here's your first dose of inspiration.

"I feel a little bit guilty when I see how hard everybody else seems to be working, and I get about two or three quality hours in a day, and still I've always been one of the most productive members of the team."

— Joel Spolsky, Fire and Motion

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I'd love to hear your feedback, so just email me if you'd like to chat. I'm also looking for a sponsor eager to reach 1,000+ smart marketing folks each morning.

Have a great day!


PS - Swipe File is a short newsletter that delivers a small dose of inspiration each morning. Learn more and subscribe here.

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