It's time to stop "hustling"

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Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading and pondering lately. Enjoy!

1. Why I Stopped Hustling

Preach, Alex Turnbull, preach!

But I think [Gary Vaynerchuk's] message of “never stop hustling” is scary.

A few⁠—very few⁠—of them will hustle until they find success.

Some⁠—a lot⁠—of them will hustle until they burn out and stop hustling and making progress.

Many, many, many more of them will watch his videos, feel guilty about not hustling, and never start anything because of their fear that they can’t hustle hard enough.

2. The Four Types of Fun

I picked up this idea from podcast and TV show host Steve Rinella. He didn't write this article, but the concept is well-explained here.

The takeaway: not all fun is fun in the moment. It's useful to understand the value of the four different types.

  • Type 1 Fun: When it’s fun in the moment.
  • Type 2 Fun: When it is not fun at the time, but it is fun when you look back on it.
  • Type 3: When it is not fun for you, but it is fun for others.
  • Type 4 Fun: When it just isn’t fun for anyone.

3. Why Quality Sleep Grows More Elusive with Age

Stress, poor diet, too much caffeine, too much screen time—these are causes of poor sleep and the effects can be really negative.

People spend less time in deep non-REM slumber, also called Delta sleep, which is a time for memory consolidation and the brain’s clearing of protein waste (including amyloid beta, linked to Alzheimer’s disease). Delta sleep restores people mentally and physiologically.

Meanwhile, neurochemicals that switch us from sleep to wakefulness are drying up. This contributes to grogginess during the day and a maddening alertness at night.

4. Have Some Confidence

These comics from are great.

Have a great weekend!


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