Now is a good time to commission a portrait of your dog

Now is a good time to commission a portrait of your dog

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

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1. This Is What Content Marketing Looks Like in a Crisis

This is a great post from my teammate Ryan Law:

We can't hold our breath forever. Even in the midst of crisis, marketing must go on. In many cases, how businesses interact with the wider world is more important than ever. We need to offer reassurance, deliver mission critical information to customers, and prepare for the months ahead.

It includes a number of content examples from SaaS companies. Explore, get inspired and get to work.

2. Technical Concepts for Non-Technical People

Justin Gage, a growth marketer at Retool, writes a great newsletter that explains technical concepts for the rest of us. He does a great job breaking things down. I now feel much better about using words like version control and HTTP.

3. Metaphor Map

Along the same lines, my teammate Nick Moore created this awesome database of metaphors. There are tons of useful metaphors in here, each with an explanation. I learned quite a bit in just a few minutes.

4. Commission a Portrait of Your Dog

My friend Josue created this amazing portrait of my dog for a very reasonable price. He's working on a few for my coworkers now. If you want one too, just hit him up Twitter or Instagram.

Have a great weekend!


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