Master the basics

"If you ever catch yourself thinking that the solution to your problems is something fancy and complicated," writes Steve Pavlina, "I challenge you to question that assumption."

I was taking a skiing lesson once and struggling to keep my body in the right position.

The instructor pulled me aside. He told me told write down the phrase "Lean forward!" along with a few other tips he'd been repeating all day. "Anytime you ski," he said, "keep that piece of paper in your pocket."

Like most things, skiing is about perfecting a few basics. The world's best still spend time perfecting their form. Jotting down his advice cemented it in my brain and it's gradually translated into better skiing.

You can never get too good at the fundamentals, so write them down and revisit them often. It's some of the best advice I've ever received and I hope it's helpful to you too.

Have a great day!


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