How to communicate at work (+ a webinar today)

How to communicate at work (+ a webinar today)

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

Webinar today: Content Benchmarks from 150 Million Pageviews

The folks at Animalz are presenting the findings of their recent benchmark report to the Content Marketing Career Growth Slack community today at Noon ET.

Join the community here and check the #announcements channel for details.

1. 11 Essential Communication Skills for the Workplace

This is a great post from Emily Triplett Lentz, content lead at Loom. Emily was our office hours guest this month on Superpath Pro. Among many other things, she explained the concepts in this piece. Here's a teaser, but be sure to read the whole thing.

1. Knowing when to be silent

2. Choosing the appropriate communication channel

3. Listening well

4. Asking good questions

5. Providing context

6. Delivering and receiving critical feedback

7. Writing

8. Conciseness

9. Giving the right nonverbal cues

10. Investing in preparation

11. Emotional intelligence

2. LinkedIn, Twitter and Reverse Network Effects

Ah, this explains why social media has gotten worse and worse.

It turns out that network effects, however, can be bi-directional. Reverse network effects occur when increased scale damages the quality of the platform or service. These reverse network effects can be tricky, as increasing scale may simultaneously increase the overall value of the platform, but also proportionately decrease the utility of the platform for individual users.

3. "Lessons I learned as a Senior Editor..."

Dr. Fio Dossetto has been posting some concise and insightful ideas on LinkedIn recently. I especially liked this one.

4. How A $16 Hat Made Carhartt A Billion-Dollar Brand

Have a great weekend!


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