Everyone should learn about sales

Everyone should learn about sales

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

How to stop doing sales and start building a great agency

My boss Walter Chen just created this course for freelancers and agency owners who want to get away from selling and focus on other things. As Walter says, this is a plateau that most people in service businesses never get past. He explains exactly how he did it and what he learned along the way.

The course is normally $250 but you can use my link (for a limited time) to get it for $125. Learn more and signup here.

1. Forget About Traffic and Start Using Content to Drive Leads and Sales

How many SaaS companies have seen traffic grow steadily while free trials or SQLs stay mostly flat?

The main reason this happens is because the marketing team is too focused on the top of the funnel. Instead, marketing teams should be working closely with sales. This article explains exactly how to go about it.

2. The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity

Thanks to my teammate Andrew (the same guy who wrote this great post and built Revive) for sending this my way.

If you have at any point in your life lived a relatively structured existence -- probably due to some kind of job with regular office hours, meetings, and the like -- you will know that there is nothing more liberating than looking at your calendar and seeing nothing but free time for weeks ahead to work on the most important things in whatever order you want.

3. How Will You Measure Your Life?

A few things about this:

  • This is a book written by Clay Christensen. He's most famous for "The Innovator's Dilemma" but this book is more applicable for nearly everyone.
  • He passed away recently at 67.
  • Chirp Audiobooks is currently running a deal on the audio version of the book. It's $3.99 for the next dew days. (Side note: Chirp is a great place to get audiobooks for way less than Audible.)

This is not an affiliate link, I just really enjoyed the book and I think you might too.

4. Podcast of the Week

"129 Cars" is one of my favorite episodes of This American Life. I learned a lot about how car dealerships work and picked up a few sales pointers too.

Have a great weekend!


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