B2B Content Marketing Is Easy

B2B Content Marketing Is Easy

Hey Everyone,

“Better than nothing.”

That’s how I describe a run that I’m just barely able to squeeze into a busy day. It’s also how I describe this week’s newsletter. It’s not nearly as in-depth as a normal issue, but it’s been a crazy week. It’s better than nothing!

1. B2B Content Marketing Is Easier Than You Think—Assuming You Follow This One Rule

Please excuse the click-bait title. I hope this is one of the most useful blog posts I’ve ever written.

Content is traditionally used to drive top of funnel traffic and move users towards free trial signups. And that works really well—assuming that creating awareness of the product is the main constraint.

But often—in fact, very often—this B2B content strategy is applied to businesses with different constraints, rendering it ineffective.

2. Why there are so many online mattress-in-a-box companies?

I thought this article was fascinating. If you have an AdWords account, you can start a mattress company.

3. Concepts

Stratechery’s new Concepts page is insanely useful. The more I read Ben Thompson’s stuff, the more I like it.

Have a great weekend!


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