A collection of the web's best newsletters

"Are you cultivating knowledge or consuming information?" — Greg Ciotti

I love email newsletters, so I collected some of my favorites. A few things about this list:

  • It's not in any particular order.
  • I'd like to add to it, then publish it on Medium. Please reply with any newsletters you love (besides your own/your company's).
  • A friend and I are considering launching a curated, weekly outdoors newsletter. If you know of any great newsletters in that space, I'd love to hear about them.

I'll include a link to the published list in next week's issue. Enjoy and rock on!

Hacker Newsletter — There is too much stuff on Hacker News, so I just read this once a week instead.

Austin Kleon — I love Austin's style—some of it has definitely rubbed off on Swipe File. One of my favorites, delivered once a week.

Pocket Hits — So few companies manage to send great newsletters. Kudos to Pocket. (You need to subscribe in your profile settings.)

Jocelyn K. Glei — "Notes on work, life, and creativity in the age of distraction." Love this one, delivered once a week.

New York Times Entrepreneurship — Cool stories and interesting news for entrepreneurs once a week. It's the New York Times, so it makes you feel really smart.

Cal Newport — Occasional reminders to stop messing around on the Internet and actually work.

Tedium — This an incredible project started by my friend Ernie Smith. Twice a week, he explores stories you've probably never even thought about, like the history of Hot Pockets and audiobooks in the 1930s.

Nuzzel — Daily news and stories based on people I follow on Twitter. It's personalized for every individual, but I always find it to be interesting.

5-Bullet Friday - Links, tools, quotes and more from Tim Ferriss once weekly.

SaaS Weekly — The best of the SaaS world every Monday. Kind of a requirement if you work in software.

James Clear — One of my favorite writers. James' articles on productivity and habits appear in Swipe File regularly. His newsletter has been infrequent lately, but it's a great one.

The Modern Desk — "Products and accessories for the modern office." Curated weekly by the great Kai Brach.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree — Weekly advice for living an awesome life from Eric Barker.

The Sunday Dispatches — Paul Jarvis' weekly newsletter is one of the most delightful things in my inbox week after week.

a16z — This weekly collection of links is eating the world.

Seth Godin - Because Seth Godin. Daily.

Moz Top 10 — So much signal, so little noise. Arrives just twice a month.

Product Hunt — Possibly cliche, but I've been reading this newsletter every day for almost two years and I still love it.

Adventure Journal
— A daily newsletter about the outdoors.

Runner's World Daily — It's kind of impossible to find on their site, but I really like this short, daily email.

Noah Kagan — His newsletter are infrequent, but great. Send more please, Noah.

The Cooper Review — Bi-weekly hilarious cartoons about how silly humans can be.

Send me other newsletters you love!

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