14 Random But Very Interesting Links

14 Random But Very Interesting Links

Hey Everyone,

Every now and then, I clear out my queue of things to share in this newsletter in one fell swoop. Here are, in no particular order, some random but interesting things I’ve come across in the last ~6 months.

  1. If you’ve ever done freelance writing, you’ll love this tweet.
  2. What Should I Do with My Life? These 8 Questions Will Tell You.
  3. An interesting read: When Sears Flourished, So Did Workers. At Amazon, It’s More Complicated.
  4. This is counterintuitive and really interesting: Technology means that we all spend more time on trivial tasks.
  5. Quite the read: The Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort: Greed, Deception and Ego
  6. If you find yourself in NYC, be sure to check out the Strand bookstore.
  7. I just finished “A Walk in the Woods” and it was a delightful book.
  8. This is such a great website: askamanager.org
  9. An interesting deck from 2008: Scaling Atlassian
  10. Here’s some amazing feedback for the folks at LinkedIn.
  11. Formlabs is hiring a content marketing to write about 3D printing. Seems like a cool gig.
  12. A great post from Ed Fry: How to Draw a Customer Data Flow Diagram
  13. For the managers out there: Single workers aren’t there to pick up the slack for their married bosses and colleagues
  14. Many thanks to Ahrefs for including Animalz on their list of best marketing blogs.

Do you like this format? Or do you prefer fewer links in each newsletter? I’d love your feedback!


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PPPS - I'm now an official Ghost partner. I've been using Ghost to run my blog for years and I absolutely love it. If you signup for Ghost with my link I do get a commission, but you get an incredibly powerful and simple way to manage your website. Markdown ftw!

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