The anti-Slack movement has begun

Remember when everyone wanted to kill email? Well, maybe email wasn't so bad after all.

Slack and other live chat apps have changed the way we work, but maybe not for the best. Two people I really respect recently published posts extolling the virtues of asynchronous communication:

  1. Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You by Samuel Hulick
  2. Is group chat making you sweat? by Jason Fried

Keeping a live chat app open all day means we are never 100% focused on deep work. That is a serious problem if you are in search of job satisfaction and career development (as we all are).

I've been uneasy about apps like Slack for a while, but they are so trendy that I didn't speak up. This is just a little reminder to stay in control of your own job. Don't let other people, industry trends or "productivity tools" keep you from doing your best work.

Have a great day!


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