Swipe File #8: The End

No, not the end of Swipe File. It's the end of the first season of the StartUp podcast, which I really encourage you to check out (more on that below).

Enjoy this week's articles!

How Mindfulness Can Jump-Start Our Exercise Routines via Gretchen Reynolds

The NY Times recently reported on an interesting correlation between mindfulness and exercise. An Utrecht University study found that people who enjoy the experience of exercise do it more often.

Of course, being aware and in the moment during exercise also means experiencing, fully, your twinging muscles, declining pace, hunger, and unbecoming spite when a grandmother passes you on the trail. But even these aspects of exercise should be more tolerable with mindfulness, [research fellow Kalliopi-Eleni Tsafou] said. As she and her colleagues wrote in the study, mindfulness “facilitates the acceptance of things as they occur,” enabling us to “accept negative experiences and view them as less threatening.”

Now, how can you apply that to the rest of your life, especially your business?

Seth Godin’s Wisdom for Businesses via Dave Ramsey

I came across this old interview with Seth Godin while doing research for a new post. It's the transcript of a podcast (which you can listen to here) and it's loaded with great insight. Like this:

I just finished my 5,000th blog post. I’ve been doing it every day for more than 10 years.

There’s not one post I’ve done that changed everything for me or anyone. But I like to think that over time, the practice of chopping wood, carrying water, and showing up has changed me and has changed a lot of people who subscribe.

Why Startups Want This 28-Year-Old to Really Like Them via Adam Satariano and Eric Newcomer

Product Hunt rocked our world in 2014 and now it's mainstream in the tech community. This profile of founder Ryan Hoover explains how the company is really just a "natural evolution of Ryan himself."

“People shouldn’t be so damn judgmental about people creating things—a silly app is just something fun,” Hoover says. “‘Not everybody is trying to change the world, and part of my frustration is people start complaining that we are spending our time wasting it on things that don’t matter when not everything is supposed to matter.”

What Good Is Twitter? via Derek Thompson

A really deep dive into how much traffic Twitter drives. If you're spending a lot of time on Twitter, this article will definitely make you rethink it.

I told [Robinson Meyer] I had created something that 150,000 people had seen, 9,000 people had interacted with, and just 1,500 had followed to our site to actually read. (So, 99 percent of my labor on Twitter went to Twitter, and 1 percent went to The Atlantic. That's not a very good deal for our boss!) It was, I told Rob, as if Twitter had built a feature illustrating how much people were ignoring its power users.

The StartUp Podcast Episode #14 via Alex Blumberg

The first season of StartUp has come to end. I believe this podcast will change the way startups are perceived by young entrepreneurs.

Blumberg records all the uncomfortable and stressful moments in his company's first — conversations with his wife about him working too much, awkward exchanges with high-stakes investors and even an entire episode on burnout. It's a must-listen.

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