Swipe File #53: The Best of 2015

"I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized: I am somebody."

— Lily Tomlin

Hey All,

Happy New Year!

I've collected a few of my favorite stories from 2015 in this issue. Even the quote is recycled, but it's too good to share just once.

On a side note, I've set a goal to do 10,000 push-ups in 2016. That's just 28 per day. Here's the spreadsheet to keep track if you're interested in joining.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2016!

1. Steve Jobs' Vision of the World

2. The Gentle Art of Trying Something & Sucking at It

via @zen_habits

As you begin to learn something, notice when you feel frustrated with sucking. It might be really difficult, confusing, full of failure. You’re out of your comfort zone, and you want to go back into it.

Now turn your curiosity toward this feeling: what is it like? Where is it located in your body? What is the sensation of this feeling? Don’t judge it, but instead tell yourself you don’t know much about it, and try to find out more. Be open to whatever it feels like, instead of thinking you already know.

3. Big Wins for Content Marketing

via @jimmy_daly

These are not shortcuts. They are just the things that are often taken for granted, resulting in tons of missed readers over the lifetime of your blog. So stop fussing over the little things, and start getting serious about your investment.

4. Lazy: A Manifesto

via @tferriss

This is a 15-min audio excerpt from Tim Kreider's book We Learn Nothing. In it, he explains why being "busy" is bullshit and the steps he's taking to focus his own life. As Tim Ferriss says in the intro, "This post might change your life."

5. What The Brand Babblers Don't Understand

via @AdContrarian

The average consumer has other things on her mind. Like why she gained 2 pounds last week, and why her father is looking pale, and why the fucking computer keeps losing its WiFi signal, and why Timmy's teacher wants to see her next week, and what's that bump she noticed on her arm?

The point is this: our brands are very important to us marketers and very unimportant to most consumers. Please read that again.

Have a great week!


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