Swipe File #44: Dare to be human

“I can’t give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.”

— Herbert Bayard Swope (via 5-Bullet Friday)

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I'm playing around with the format again. I'm not afraid of your feedback, so feel free to respond with honest comments. As always, enjoy this week's articles and if you're feeling inspired, pass it on.

Build Trust by Daring to Show That You’re Human via @nytcorneroffice

This is a great interview with investor Lars Dalgaard.

What are some important leadership lessons you’ve learned?

The biggest thing in my life is really daring to be human, and that’s the approach I take to the working world. I think it’s because we’ve been brought up thinking that when you’re in a business role, if you show any emotion, then that’s the opposite of being tough.

The funny thing is that you’re actually a stronger leader and more trustworthy if you’re able to be vulnerable and you’re able to show your real personality. It’s a trust multiplier, and people really will want to work for you and be on a mission together with you.

103 Must-Follow Feeds in Science, Culture, Design, and More via @WIRED

There's just so much goodness in here.

The greatest and worst thing about the Internet is how much amazing stuff it has to offer. Websites, tweets, Instagrams, podcasts, newsletters—it’s a tsunami of awesome, threatening to drown you in mind-expanding revelations. Venture into this informational vortex with caution.

Write Like You Talk via @paulg

I shy away from "new" articles, but this one is too great not to share.

Something comes over most people when they start writing. They write in a different language than they'd use if they were talking to a friend. The sentence structure and even the words are different. No one uses "pen" as a verb in spoken English. You'd feel like an idiot using "pen" instead of "write" in a conversation with a friend.

Newsletter of the Week: The Modern Desk

I've really been enjoying Kai Brach's weekly newsletter. He's also the creator of Offscreen Magazine, a truly delightful print publication about technology and the people behind it.

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