Swipe File #1: Welcome

Hi All!

Welcome to the first issue.

You can expect Swipe File every Thursday from now on. I'll always include stuff that I believe to be exceptionally useful, inspiring or interesting. And I'll always include an unsubscribe link. If you don't like it, opt out anytime.

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Hope you enjoy this week's articles.

Should you dedicate dev resources to SEO? via Brad Knutson

Web developers are actually great link builders. An interesting look at an underrated SEO strategy.

It occurred to me that building a web app or tool would be a self-sustaining link building source. This isn’t new, and corporations have been using this method for a long time. The point I’m trying to make is that even if you yourself are not capable of building a useful web app, the investment it would take to hire someone that could will be well worth it.

Why are some people so much luckier than others? via Nathan Kontny

A fabulous post from Draft creator and High Rise CEO on luck. (Read between the lines - this applies directly to marketing.)

[Psychologist Richard] Wiseman also found lucky people go out of there way to try new things and meet new people.

"Deep, not wide" - How to choose a marketing channel and stick to it via Jason Cohen

In the startup world, resources are often scarce. Rather than spread yourself thing, Cohen recommends finding one marketing channel and maximizing it.

Typically, successful companies find one channel that really works, and then plumb it to its maximum inventory before layering on additional channels.

Unlearn Your MBA via David Heinemeier Hansson

Great video (or audio) on how work actually happens in the real world. Inspiring stuff from the creator of Ruby and cofounder of Basecamp.

You can either out-spend or out-teach your competition.

Call to Action Conference Videos

Unbounce has published all the videos from their first CTA Conference. Tons of great stuff here from Joanna Wiebe, Oli Gardner, Peep Laja and others. Free registration required.

Recommended Software: Authority Labs

This SEO software has a feature called "Now Provided" that helps you get some keyword data back from Google. It's been really useful for my work on the Vero blog. Highly recommended.



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