Swipe File #20: "Busy" is BS

Hey All,

I'm making an effort to include more audio and video in Swipe File. You'll find two podcasts and one Slideshare in this week's issue.

Hope you enjoy, and if you're feeling inspired, pass it on.

Lazy: A Manifesto via @tferriss

This is a 15-min audio excerpt from Tim Kreider's book We Learn Nothing. In it, he explains why being "busy" is bullshit and the steps he's taking to focus his own life. As Tim Ferriss says in the intro, "This post might change your life."

10 Insights to Build Habit-Forming Products via @nireyal

If you're unfamiliar with Nir Eyal's Hooked model, this is the perfect introduction. It's a Slideshare that explains how to create triggers and rewards to motivate your customers.

Don't expect to win a customer from a competitor unless you can demonstrate at least a 10x improvement over their product.

Creating Great Content Is Fun And Easy! via @AdContrarian

Writers: I know this one will resonate with you. I'll give you a break from the great Bob Hoffman next week, but I'd also encourage you to check out Nobody Gives A Flying Shit About Your Brand.

Make people totally fascinated with your brand by creating powerful brand stories! Soon, they'll want to have a brand relationship, and understand how your brand aligns with their lives, and how they can co-create with it, and share brand values. You'll have a global community of brand ambassadors creating a movement around your awesome brand.

Startup Season 2 via @Gimletmedia

The Startup podcast is back with a new season. This time around, they are following dating company Dating Ring. So far, it's great.

This season, Alex is joined by co-Host Lisa Chow, to follow an entirely new company. The business is Dating Ring, a dating company that combines technology with old-fashioned matchmaking. The founders are women in their 20s, outsiders in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley.

Have a great week!


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