Is technology replacing good communication?


A quick ask: I'm looking for great, off-the-radar marketing blogs. Intercom and Moz are excellent, but don't qualify. If there's a great blog you love that more people should read, let me know.

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1. Taking the Lead, Episode 1

This is a mini-series from the podcast Note to Self that tells the story of two working moms trying launch a business. It's a great listen for everyone—dudes included.

Their journey illustrates how tough it can be for women to reconcile their professional identities with their caretaking identities. The series also brings up so many broader questions: Can women find a place in the tech economy? Is society ready to radically redefine gender roles in the home? What has to change in our culture to get more women into the C-Suite?

2. Workplace communication is lazy and broken

Technology makes communication so easy. And that's a problem. When we don't need to be good communicators, we default to Slack and email. Technology is replacing good communication.

Ironically, it's less stressful to wait two days for a response than it is to wait five minutes—assuming you have good processes in place.

3. 10 Reasons Why C Students Are More Successful After Graduation

Finally, my poor grades in college have been validated.

C students don’t spend enormous amounts of energy trying to impress their superiors. They respect and love their teachers, but they don’t worship them and obey their every request. They don’t see their teachers the guardians of their success.

4. What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Guide Dogs

I just love this analogy. Many thanks to my friend Ira Chaleff for writing this post.

Challenge your own tendency to become an authority figure, who expects obedience. When your people challenge your thinking on a subject, resist defensiveness, and adopt a genuinely curious attitude about what they are saying.

Realize that your own sight may be impaired and that they, like the guide dog, are helping you avoid pitfalls you do not see, and discover new paths that lead to your goals.

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