Content Salary Report 💰

Content Salary Report 💰

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're having a great week. Here are a few things I've been reading, writing and pondering lately. Enjoy!

1. Content Marketing Salary Report

A few highlights/lowlights from the CMCG salary survey:

  • Content folks with 8+ years of experience make $116k on average
  • The gender pay gap is ~14%. Slightly better than average but not good enough.
  • Office workers make ~$6100 more than remote workers

Read the report here and join the Content Career Growth Slack group to chat about it.

2. Planning to Hire an Agency? Here’s How to Be a Great Customer

Our latest on the Animalz blog:

The problem is that for a third-party—a group of experts on marketing, accounting, design, or development—to excel, they will need a lot of context. Remember, these people haven’t sat in your weekly meetings for three years or soaked up the conversations happening in your Slack channel. They’re experts in their field, but not experts on your business. Never give an agency money, then sit around waiting for them to impress you. If you hire them, it is your job to help them succeed.

3. How Emotion Hurts Stock Returns

This is relevant advice at the moment:

The point is that stocks aren’t really that risky, at least if you’re willing to ignore the noise and if you don’t need to pull out the money in the short term. Inhale, exhale, repeat and watch ESPN. And next time someone asks you how your portfolio is doing, impress them with your knowledge of sports instead.

4. Tweet of the Week

h/t to my awesome coworker @gmariethatsme for sharing this.

Have a great weekend!


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