5 Days to Better Content Marketing

Most content marketing starts with "what" instead of "why" and that's a real problem. When you embark on a content marketing strategy without clear goals in mind, you're bound to waste a lot of time creating content that doesn't grow your business.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who runs a blog, manages a team of content writers or aspires to grow their career in content marketing. It's helpful for new blogs as well as established sites looking for a kick in the butt.

What does it entail?

I'll send you five emails on five consecutive days, each with lessons distilled from nearly 10 years in the content and SEO space.

Here's the syllabus:

  • Lesson 1: Learn how to think BIG about content marketing
  • Lesson 2: Stop writing so much content
  • Lesson 3: Content that lives alone, dies alone
  • Lesson 4: How to never, ever run out of content ideas
  • Lesson 5: Learn how to write content that doesn't sound like content marketing

If you don't have a completely fresh view on content by the end, you get your money back.

How much does it cost?

Just $10. That money helps me run my newlsetter and continue writing for you.

How do I sign up???

Click this button πŸ‘‡

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Then check your inbox for the first lesson.

"Jimmy thinks about content marketing from a different angle. He doesn't worship at the content marketing altar like so many, but is committed to figuring out what worksβ€”that's why this course is so valuable."

β€” John Miller, Founder of Scribewise

"Fantastic, Jimmy. Absolutely loved all these emails and especially #5. Thanks for sharing all these ideas. I'm inspired to take our own content to new heights."

β€” Mike Jones, Managing Partner at Resound

"Loved the series! The everyday emails made it easy to digest the content and commit to learning on an ongoing basis. You should do more of these."

β€” Liz

"Systematic and in small chunks, I was able to introduce ideas into my website immediately. Have already started building Hubs and Spokes in my website and linking with social media and other posts. Thanks for the tips!"

β€” Steve Nelson

"Really valuable insights combined with actionable advice. I especially took a lot away from the internal linking and Hub and Spoke strategy emails. It's not often I pull out a notebook to take notes during an email series so I can start planning and implementing the advice immediately, but I did with this one!"

β€” Liz Froment

"Strong points in each lesson. Good balance of strategy and tactics. I think it's a wonderful intro that gets people thinking more deeply about what can (and sometimes should) be done with content."

β€” Andy

"It was a great reminder for me to focus on calls to action and not to be afraid to promote in my content. I realized I am wasting opportunities with my content by not telling followers what is available to them."

β€” Brandon Allen

"A wealth (as ever) of excellent links to support the argument. Clear and concise language that offers a good introduction, without talking down to seasoned pros."

β€” Craig

"Jimmy's "5 Days to Better Content Marketing" email course is packed with insightful information that all content marketers need to know. As someone who has been in a content role for 5+ years, I'm constantly learning new tools, tactics and "secrets" daily, and Jimmy's email course did just that. I highly recommend registering for his email course and flagging each email in a "DO NOT DELETE" folder in your inbox."

β€” Julia Davila

"Building landing pages that work like a table of contents, a lot of insights about SEO strategy and narrowing down the audience were helpful tips. In general, I really appreciate how detailed and ready-to-implement your content is. And you provided a lot of links to inspiring blogs I didn't know before (or used to read but forgot). Thank you! "

β€” Ewa

"Your week of e-mails gave me a lot to think about, both at my full-time job as a content writer, and as I prepare to ramp up my personal blog. This course was full of new ideas and invaluable advice, and it had a refreshing, straightforward way of delivering the content. Thanks for a great 5 days of e-mails!"

β€” Emily

"Day 3: Hub and Spoke was the email I enjoyed the most. Currently reading my way through the examples provided. Getting some in-depth knowledge without the hassle crawling hundreds of Websites and wasting a lot of time. Thank you very much."

β€” Philipp

"The course was very easy to read, with lots of information explained better than most blog post-type articles on the same topic. Also, the 5-day sequence was much more digestible than an "ultimate guide to..." piece, giving me time to figure out what Jimmy was saying -- and how to implement it, without rushing into it.

β€” Elise